How to Consign

Thank you for your interest in becoming a consignor at Nikki next to new!

We accept merchandise by appointment only.

Due to high demand all of our Fall & Winter appointments are full.

** Please be patient with our staff we can only hold and physically accept so many appointments and items per season **

We will accept Prom long and short gowns starting in January, and we will also start accepting Spring items in January.

You may schedule your appointment by calling or stopping in during business hours. Appointments book up fast; we are typically booking 10 to 16 weeks in advance.

Please NOTE
* it can take up to one hour to enter 40 items. we can only accept a limited amount per day. we apologize for any difficulties this might cause you. I assure you we are doing our best to take in as much as we possibly can. we are trying to keep our sales floor full but not over full we want our shoppers to be comfortable shopping in our store.

Merchandise is accepted seasonally as follows:

Spring = February through March

Summer = April to July

Fall = August through October

Winter = October through mid January

Prom = Jan- April

* ALWAYS think a season ahead!

* Space is limited and we like to keep an even amount of sizes on the sales floor. Please keep amounts 1-40 items per visit (nicely folded in a basket is preferred) this will help with quality control.

* No hangers please

* Accepted items will be priced at the sole discretion of the management. Items will be priced to sell quickly but for the best value. Space and time are limited, so not all items will be accepted. We need to use displays and space for items that are in demand and will sell quickly for the best price based on our knowledge for the market area. However, if an item is found to be flawed at the time of purchase it is our policy to adjust the price accordingly or add it to Damaged goods and disposed of.

* our staff must rely on present needs and past experience to determine what we will sell in our store. please do not take offense if we do not select some of your items.

* we price of the highest starting price we think the market will allow. Talk to management if you need to get a certain price for something and we will let you know if it’s feasible.

How to select your items

Prom items will be accepted January – April NO more than 2 years old, they must be clean, pressed and ready to sell. No stains, rips, and zippers and buttons must be working.

Select items: That are current, fashionable, and purchased in the last 2 years!!

Items must be clean and pressed. Designer and popular labels will sell more quickly and for a better price.

Items that we will NOT accept:

* Over 3 years of age

* Stained, ripped, damaged, dirty, not functional or outdated. (Please look over your items carefully before you bring them in!)

* No garage sale stickers or tags.

* No offensive odors (smoke, mothballs, mildew etc)

* No pet hair

Sorry we do not consign lingerie or undergarments.

Things to think about:

Ask yourself, would I be willing to buy these items in the condition they are in?

We strive to provide an excellent shopping environment with your “Next to New” items so you can profit from the things you are no longer using, and someone else can benefit by purchasing quality items at a great price.

Please take a look at each item you would like to consign. Ask yourself “Why am I interested in consigning this item?

If your answer is: “It’s a beautiful garment and I love it but”…

* It will never fit me again

* It’s just not my color

* My lifestyle has changed and I’ll never wear it again

* It was an impulse buy and it just isn’t me

You’re on the right track!! Bring them in!!!

If your answer is…

* It’s more than 3 years old (exception of vintage)

* It’s worn out/faded

* Needs repair

* Looks dated or out of style

* It’s not very good quality

* I just want it out of my closet

* It didn’t sell at the garage sale

Our shoppers would feel the same way you do about these things, so it is unlikely “Nex 2 New” will accept them. You might want to consider making a charitable donation of these items.

Preparing your garments and other items:

Clean and odor free. The cleanliness and appearance of your items is CRUCIAL! All garments must be freshly dry cleaned or laundered. They do not need to be on hangers, but placed neatly in a bag or box.

The Reasons we book appointments

At Nikki next to new we understand booking in appointment is it in convenience and we would like take an opportunity to explain why we do things the way we do.

1) It does take time to enter each item into inventory approximately 30-60 minutes for 40 items.

2) We do not keep items in our stock room, we want them on the sales floor as soon as possible. My motto is “we can’t sell it if it’s the back room!”

3) we try to stay organized in order to make sure your items are entered correctly. We have over 4000+ consignors, if just 40 consignors decided to stop in on one day an error is certain to happen. Human error is inevitable and we try to do our best to keep the errors at a minimum!

4) To help us price each item we have to look up the “fair market value”. We would hate to price $150 pair of jeans that you bought last year at $5. It is our job to do the research and we know our brands I take this very seriously it’s a hard lesson I learned early on. That being said, It is impossible to know every brand, If you have an item that is not common please let us know.

5) An appointment gives us a chance to go through your items right away, you can see what we have kept and if you wish we can tell you why we passed on certain things. We also have an opportunity to ask you questions about an item if we need to know an original price ext. And it gives you the opportunity to tell us about an item.

6) we do not want to overstuff our store we pride ourselves and our organization and the easy to shop at our store appointments help us obtain time to clean and organize everyday

We love our consignors and without you and your awesome items we wouldn’t be here. thank you for your understanding I know it can be frustrating to wait 10 to 16 weeks to bring in your items. (Of course there are always exceptions to high demand items and specific seasonal items.)

We would love to add more appointments all we have to do is sell more! Spread the word we are looking for shoppers!


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