About Us

I have over 25+ years of retail experience, I started in sales in 1990 and I’ve sold just about everything; clothing, real estate, cars & furniture… sprinkle in many years of visual display and what else is left? Open a consignment store so I can put all those years of selling an experience to use. In 2008 I opened the first Nex 2 New store in Howards Grove and in 2009 we opened a second location. In 2010 we consolidated both stores to one location in Sheboygan.

I live in Howards Grove with my husband, who is a very talented carpenter and is always willing to help me out in a moment’s notice. I also have two wonderful children Jazmin and Mason whom are growing so fast and soon I will be an empty nester.

When I’m not working you can usually find me researching information for the store or another words “shopping” I love my consignors and the product I sell, it’s my passion! At Nex2New our merchandise changes almost everyday, if you don’t find what you’re looking for one day please check back, the chances are you’ll find a whole new array of merchandise! Lastly, I want your experience at Nex 2 New to be a positive one, to ensure this we are always here to answer your questions and any concerns you might have. If you ever have a problem, please know we will resolve it to the best of our abilities right away. I hope this helps you to know me a bit better and I think you for visiting Nikki’s Nex 2 New.